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YouTube Shorts. An Alternative to TikTok?

Following Instagram’s release of Reels, YouTube has recently launched a new short-form video creator called YouTube Shorts. So how does it actually look and what’s the benefit of using Shorts compared to rapidly growing TikTok? Find out down below!
Anna Martynova

Types of YouTube Ads: The Beginner’s Guide

Display, overlay, in-stream ads - which one is better for me?! If you are confused and want to understand which type of YouTube ad is suitable for your advertising campaign, how much it's gonna cost you, and what to consider before investing money into video production, check out our guide to YouTube ads...
Anna Martynova

How to Title YouTube Videos

Your title is (by far) your video's most important piece of metadata. That's why, when it comes to video SEO, including your keyword in your video title is an absolute must. Also, make sure not to change the keyword. It's best to use the exact, word-for-word term.
Anna Martynova

What’s YouTube’s Ad Revenue?

YouTube revealed its ad revenue for the first time. The company made over $15 billion from ads last year alone — up 36 percent from 2018 and 86 percent compared to 2017. The platform contributes roughly 10% to Google's total revenue.
Matthias Funk

YouTube 2nd Biggest Search Engine – The Myth That Just Won’t Die

You have probably heard that the YouTube search engine is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Besides, YouTube is owned by Google; therefore, it makes sense. So no one really questions whether that is actually true or not... right? you really think the YouTube search engine is the 2nd largest...
Matthias Funk

How Does YouTube Count Views?

When it comes to understanding views on YouTube, it’s important to get what a view really means. YouTube counts a view depending on whether the viewer initiated the watching of a video or not.
Matthias Funk
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