YouTube Channel Analysis

by Matthias Funk | | Category: YouTube SEO

Most YouTube channel owners upload their videos to YouTube without caring much about metadata and video SEO. While big brands often use social media management tools like Sprinklr, or Buffer – they rarely use these platforms to upload or optimize their YouTube videos.

There’s an entire industry of SEO tools out there, but video works differently than websites, and YouTube works differently than Google.

So far, SEO professionals haven’t had a focus on video and didn’t take YouTube seriously as a search engine. The rise of online video suggests that this is going to change!

There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. Video production is not only a creative act anymore. Analyzing the data of your past YouTube videos gives you heaps of information on how to make better videos.
  2. You can get a significant number of organic YouTube views if you just have consistent video metadata and follow some basic rules.
  3. The most important organic traffic boost is to get your video into autoplay after related videos.

There is a huge lack of know-how concerning YouTube, especially with brand channels. This is true even for global brands. For example, it has happened many times that YouTube placed ads in some of our customers’ YouTube videos without their knowledge because there had been some rights issues with background music. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to check your channel’s current health score you can try our free YouTube SEO analysis tool.

The YouTube channel analysis checks 14 criteria that are important for YouTube channel growth:

How is your YouTube channel setup?

  • YouTube Channel description
  • Channel tags
  • Channel icon
  • YouTube Channel art
  • Featured Channels


How are your videos?

  •  Video descriptions
  • Links in Video descriptions
  • YouTube Tags
  • Accessibility
  • Resolution


How does your audience respond?


Matthias Funk Co-Founder of tubics