Generate the best tags for your videos

The tubics’ YouTube tag generator will help you create the best tags for your videos. We’ll give you great tips for better tags based on official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords. The result: your videos will get more views.

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youtube keyword ranking tool

Track how you rank

Easily monitor the ranking of your videos for a specific keyword with our YouTube keyword ranking tool. The good news is that 10 keywords are completely free. In addition, you’ll soon be able to see how your ranking changes over time and which optimization helps you get more views.

Get SEO tips for each of your videos

It’s more important than ever to have good titles and descriptions. This way, YouTube will show your video more often in recommendations. tubics helps you optimize your video titles and descriptions for your focus keyword, synonyms and related keywords. Our traffic light system suggests ‘best practice’ YouTube SEO techniques. It’s never been easier to optimize your videos.

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youtube branded thumbnails how to

Create branded thumbnails in seconds

Branded thumbnails are an excellent way to get more views. tubics makes it even easier to add a custom image layer to your existing thumbnails. It’s really important to promote brand consistency across the web. We even provide templates for keywords and text snippets.

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More Features

  • Templates

    Your channel will thrive from consistency and a clear brand. Our handy template features will help your videos be more recognizable and memorable across the web. You can also use our templates for keywords and text snippets. These features will really save you time.

  • Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

    It’s really important that your video title and description contain keywords that people are looking for. And here we have a really amazing tool for you. We analyze official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords. What’s even better is that the tubics YouTube SEO tool gives you unlimited keyword suggestions!

  • Dashboard

    The tubics dashboard gives you the overview you need. See how your organic video views develop over time. Learn how your organic traffic relates to paid traffic. Discover the best tips and quick-wins to grow your video views.

  • Manage multiple accounts

    At last, say goodbye to the hassle of switching between YouTube accounts and channels! Manage multiple YouTube accounts with one tubics login. Grant editing rights for agencies or customers when you need to share your work. Perfect for corporate or brand accounts!