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Get Ideas for Videos. Data-Driven.

Coming up with video ideas for YouTube is always hard.

tubics gives you data-driven ideas for YouTube videos that get you views and brand awareness in your niche. Every video idea includes competitor insights, questions to cover in the video and suggested tags and keywords.

Generate the Best Tags for Your Videos

tubics helps you to find the best tags for your videos. Based on official search data provided by YouTube Search, Google Search, Bing and AdWords you’ll get tag suggestions which help you boost your views. With the help of monthly search volumes, tag analysis and optimization advice you can select the right tags for your video to get more views.

Our YouTube SEO Tool is easy to use. A must tool for YouTubers.

youtube tag generator software
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Get SEO Tips for Each of Your Videos

Optimize your video titles and descriptions for your focus keyword, synonyms and related keywords. tubics provides step-by-step SEO tips for your channel and each of your videos. Our traffic light recommendations show you how to improve your channel and video performance based on ‘best practice’ YouTube SEO techniques.

tubics is simple and saves you a lot of time!

YouTube SEO Software

More Features

  • Unlimited Keyword Suggestions

    Our YouTube SEO tool gives you keyword suggestions based on official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords. Unleash the power of our YouTube tag generator with unlimited tag suggestions and search volumes!

  • Search engine preview

    Preview your video in search engines. Our SERP snippet displays how your thumbnail, title, and description will be displayed on Google and YouTube.

  • Dashboard

    Our dashboard helps you to stay on top. See how your organic video views develop over time. Learn how your organic traffic relates to paid traffic and what are the most promising tips and quick-wins to grow your video views.

  • Manage multiple accounts

    With tubics you can manage multiple YouTube accounts. With one single click you can switch from one account to another. You can grant editing rights for agencies or customers.