The 6-Step Guide to YouTube Content Strategy

How to build relevant video content for every business.
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Want to develop a data-driven YouTube strategy for your brand?

It's time to futureproof your brand! In this guide, you can follow six pivotal steps to develop an impactful content strategy. Supercharge your YouTube efforts to showcase your brand expertise while ranking better on YouTube for your intended audience.

Set Purpose

Learn to set the purpose of your brand’s YouTube channel using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. Brainstorm the Why, How, and What behind your content planning to ensure your videos thrive on YouTube.

Identify Target Audience

Identify your audience and the value that your expertise can deliver. In this step, you get a clearer understanding of who you are making videos for and what your brand strengths are.

Implement Frameworks

Get to know the Help-Hub-Hero framework and how it serves to structure your content. This popular framework helps you facilitate content creation and choose topics per content type so that you can schedule content accordingly.

Find Your Niche

Knowing your niche paves the way for your content topics and allows you to gain more insight into your intended audience. Check out a case study of how a major brand finds its niche on YouTube.

Research Topics

Having followed the previous steps in this guide, you’d have a strong foundation for your YouTube content strategy. Now it’s time to learn how to build a discoverable content plan so your intended audience can find your videos easily.

Know Your Competitors

Go above and beyond! Use a data-driven video tool and resources to know your competitors well. Analyzing your video competition can help your YouTube videos rank better than your industry competitors.
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