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YouTube Tag Generator ​

tubics gives you automated tips how to properly tag your YouTube videos.  Based on official search data provided by YouTube Search, Google Search, Bing and AdWords you’ll get tips on better tags so that your video gets more views.

With the help of monthly search volumes, tag analysis and optimization advice you can select the right tags for your video to get more views.

How to Properly Tag Your YouTube Video

Our free YouTube Tag generator features YouTube SEO tips regarding tags, titles, and descriptions. Our YouTube SEO tool guides you how to rank your YouTube videos on YouTube and on the first page of Google.

To get more views on YouTube in 2018 you have to include 3 types of tags: (1.) long-tail specific tags describing the content of your video in detail – ideally tags that trigger watch time, (2.)  generic tags and (3.) brand or channel tags.

youtube tag generator and optimizer
youtube video tag generator

Rank YouTube Videos Fast​

With the best tags for your YouTube videos, you will get more views and get a better ranking on Google Search and YouTube Search. And with our YouTube SEO tool you’ll also see how your rankings develop over time!

This way you see, which action grows your views and – coming soon – how you rank against competition.

Types of YouTube Tags​

There are 3 different types of YouTube tags you should include in your video. Our YouTube tag generator not only helps you to find these but also to properly list them:

  1. List long-tail specific tags first: These are multiple-word tags describing the topic of your video. Leave out conjunctions and prepositions like and/or, – YouTube ignores these words.
  2. List generic tags: These are words like how-to, tutorial, and vlog. YouTube offers suggestions, so use them.
  3. At last include brand or channel tags: These are your brand or company name, your URL or the name of your product. Don’t be shy and also use popular misspellings.
best tags for youtube videos

More views with better YouTube tags

  • With tubics' YouTube SEO tool we could improve video ROI significantly and turn the video into evergreen success.
    Renate Hörlezeder
    Head of Marketing | Bramac
  • tubics YouTube SEO audit provides a complete and compact overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your YouTube appearance.
    Alexander Obermayr
    Communications | Erste Group
  • The results of the YouTube SEO analysis clearly show where we can optimize to improve our performance. And we now have clear instructions on what to consider when making new video shoots.
    Waltraud Rumpl
    Head of Communication | Austrian Federal Ministry for Innovation and Technology
youtube tag generator and optimizer