Top 100 YouTube Brand Channels in Germany

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What are the Top 100 YouTube Brand channels in Germany? Here is our list of the most successful German Business Channels.

Thanks to Socialblade, it’s not hard to get top lists of any country’s most popular YouTube channels. However, we did not find rankings of YouTube brand channels.

Since at tubics, our mission is to make YouTube work for business purposes, we wondered: why not create these lists ourselves? We have expertise in the field and all the data available to not only sort channels by views (how it’s usually done) but to adjust the rank by additional factors.

Here is our Top 100 YouTube brand channels in Germany. If you want to know the criteria and how the list was created, scroll down to find a detailed explanation.

Top 100 YouTube Brand Channels in Germany

Ranktubics ScoreCompanyTotal ViewsIndustry
199.00Deutsche Welle797,703,238Broadcast Media
296.00Mercedes-Benz Technology307,706,379Automotive
493.00Borussia Dortmund246,728,895Sports
590.25PUMA Group274,566,254Sporting Goods
687.30Bundeswehr 348,872,287Military
786.00Sto SE & Co. KGaA105,895,873Building Materials
885.50Welt800,453,180Media Production
984.60SWR264,129,208Broadcast Media
1079.20Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung147,314,038Newspapers
1178.85BMW M98,122,792Automotive
1278.20HORNBACH Baumarkt 99,320,518Retail
1377.90Liebherr Group89,260,493Mechanical Engineering
1474.48MAN Truck & Bus78,685,207Automotive
1672.90Die Techniker80,329,243Insurance
1772.00FC Schalke 0456,763,504Sports
1866.60ADAC65,999,816Consumer Services
1966.24Siemens246,462,291Industrial Automation
2065.55AUDI AG54,434,365Automotive
2258.90KUKA45,578,996Industrial Automation
2358.65EDEKA 199,020,243Retail
2652.00Faber-Castell Group36,939,229Consumer Goods
2751.00FALKE KGaA34,904,869Textiles
2849.25Sennheiser71,330,214Electrical Manufacturing
2949.14ALDI SÜD71,935,598Retail
3048.60Imperial Logistics International 38,123,824Logistics and Supply Chain
3246.40Rheinmetall41,528,684Defense & Space
3544.86Lidl 170,254,101Retail
3644.80ZDF49,925,666Broadcast Media
3843.85Bosch128,493,713Information Technology and Services
4043.04DHL44,734,225Logistics and Supply Chain
4143.00HARIBO28,594,625Food Production
4242.84ABOUT YOU103,474,296Internet
4341.06Deutsche Telekom33,738,781Telecommunications
4441.00Fressnapf Holding 26,933,556Retail
4538.81Tchibo71,461,996Consumer Goods
4738.22Conrad Electronic Group25,808,952Retail
4838.00diva-e Digital Value Excellence25,064,656Internet
5036.00SAP34,116,530Computer Software
5135.28Rohde & Schwarz55,694,722Telecommunications
5234.27N2652,454,765Financial Services
5433.52Festool Group26,854,479Machinery
5533.26Zalando Lounge51,884,762Internet
5633.25AIDA Cruises24,022,623Leisure, Travel & Tourism
5731.75Deutsche Bank45,872,508Financial Services
5830.72Daimler AG22,336,398Automotive
5928.73E.ON Energie40,006,333Oil & Energy
6028.22DWS Group39,275,061Investment Management
6323.69iglo Deutschland31,941,151Food & Beverages
6522.68ALDI Nord29,819,663Retail
6622.18JACK WOLFSKIN29,588,607Apparel & Fashion
6919.76GROHE20,601,573Consumer Goods
7019.55Festo Vertrieb 18,666,736Industrial Automation
7119.27Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe18,922,676Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
7318.14momox GmbH24,025,918Internet
7417.64Eurowings19,013,608Aviation & Aerospace
7517.25Wacker Neuson Group18,822,704Machinery 17,542,996Computer Hardware
7915.12Villeroy & Boch20,783,030Glass, Ceramics & Concrete
8113.33European Central Bank16,571,119Banking
8213.10Teekanne19,450,341Food & Beverages
8412.10Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg19,008,849Food & Beverages
8511.97Condor Flugdienst15,680,954Airlines/Aviation
8611.66TeamViewer17,520,928Computer Software
8710.24Hettich Group14,919,015Furniture
889.78Jung von Matt15,739,927Marketing and Advertising
899.31VAUDE14,913,157Sporting Goods
908.40Passauer Neue Presse15,432,576Media Production
926.52Asklepios13,431,582Hospital & Health Care
935.83Ernsting's family 14,408,873Textiles
944.75Dr. Oetker12,848,258Food Production
954.03Berge & Meer Touristik13,541,466Leisure, Travel & Tourism
963.80GILDEMEISTER Beteiligungen12,836,838Machinery
973.02C&A13,275,932Apparel & Fashion
982.85DMG MORI12,836,778Machinery
991.01Fielmann AG12,785,879Retail
1000.93Vogel & Noot Landmaschinen12,563,520Machinery

Criteria & Method of Top 100 List Creation

In the following paragraphs, we will briefly explain how the companies and YouTube channels were chosen. Moreover, the tubics formula is broken down together with the whole research process.

Companies selection

There were two main criteria when it came to companies selection. A brand, enterprise, or organization would end up in the list if it:

  1. has a turnover of more than $200m/year
  2. has headquarters in Germany

YouTube channel selection

In some cases, international companies have channels that are run by different country divisions. If there were no other options available, we added them to the list since they still belong to a German enterprise.

The tubics formula

The tubics formula was created to make the top 100 list fairer. Why? Many big brands heavily use ads on YouTube channels, which undoubtedly brings them to the top of the list. While ads create views and every video view counts, we wanted to give a bonus to brands that manage to upload very engaging videos.

We took the total number of views on a channel as the primary sorting criteria. Top 100 channels were then assigned points for the rank – 100 points for ranking 1st, 1 point for ranking last.

As mentioned earlier, total views don’t always represent well the organic success of a channel. That’s why points are deducted based on three factors:

  • subscribers (hardest),
  • comments (middle),
  • interactions: likes + dislikes (weakest)

The maximum achievable score is 100, where the channel is ranked #1 by total views, has 100 points, and all three factors don’t result in points deduction (subscribers, comments, and interactions’ ratio to views are above average).

List creation method

Now that you know how the selection was made, here is the step-by-step process that we followed:

  1. Research German companies that meet the criteria stated above.
  2. Find corresponding YouTube channels.
  3. Gather data on subscribers, total channel views, total number of comments, likes, and dislikes.
  4. Calculate the tubics score for each channel.
  5. Get the final list by sorting channels by tubics score from highest to lowest.

Do you have any questions regarding the formula or the process itself? Or would you like to have your brand channel added to the list? Then let me know in the comments below or get in touch here. 👇🏼

If you want to learn more about video marketing strategy, make sure to download our free YouTube marketing guide for business.