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How to Control Third-Party YouTube Ads on a Brand Channel

Are you managing a brand's YouTube channel and want to control ads shown before, during, or after your videos? Continue reading for step-by-step instructions.

The 6-Step Guide to YouTube Content Strategy

While YouTube marketing contains many stages, this guide focuses on content planning solely to provide you with in-depth knowledge about how to choose the right topics and create discoverable videos. We'll walk you through 6 pivotal steps you can follow to develop an impactful content strategy that educates, entertains, and engages with your desired audience.

5 Ways to Generate YouTube Video Ideas + Bonus Tip!

Don't know what videos to shoot next and are looking for a way to generate YouTube video ideas? Are you committed to uploading regularly, but you always sit in front of a blank page and don't know what to do next? In this blog post, I want to show you how to generate ideas that fit your YouTube channel and attract new viewers.

What Do Impressions Mean on YouTube?

Views, watch time, impressions… YouTube Analytics has dozens of metrics that help to understand your channel performance. In this blog post, we discuss impressions and why they are important on YouTube.

Video Marketing In Luxury Industry: Huber Watches

What is it like to do video marketing in the luxury watches industry? To find out, we talked with Manuel Müller, the CEO of Huber - a retailer of luxury watches.

How to Rank on Google and Get More YouTube Views

Last year our channel got over 170000 views from Google alone. And this wasn't luck. We optimize our videos to rank on Google using video SEO. What exactly did we do to achieve it? Let's look at it in this blog post.