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8 YouTube Keyword Tool Alternatives to Get More Views

Since Google has shunted its own official YouTube keyword tool in 2014 there’s a lot of guessing about finding the best tags for YouTube videos. But finding the right keywords are crucial to getting more views for your videos. There’s a bunch of Youtube Keyword Tools out there. This review wants to help you to find the best alternative on the market!

What are the alternatives to YouTube's keyword tool?

Google's official YouTube Keyword Tool was a great resource for content makers and managers looking to improve the SEO for their videos. Since Google closed the service in 2014 you can get similar benefits via the following tools:

  • TubeBuddy
  • Tubics
  • VidIQ
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Rapidtags
youtube keyword tool alternatives overview

The right keywords are crucial to getting more views for your videos. The best tags for your YouTube video make your video found better and suggested more often after similar videos. But how can you find them? There's a bunch of tools out there  and - yes - we are also developing one :-)

1. tubics

This is the YouTube SEO analysis tool we ourselves launched! tubics' YouTube keyword tool lets you sync your YouTube video metadata and gives you keyword suggestions and keyword search volumes based on data provided by YouTube, Google and Bing.You can track your YouTube channel’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility on the SERP over time to know what’s working and what’s and the rankings of your competitors.The free version of our YouTube Keyword Tool includes:

  • unlimited keywords
  • keyword ranking (free for 20 keywords)
  • Google search volumes
  • SEO tips for videos
  • Direct YouTube sync
youtube keyword tool tubics

If you are interested just sign up for a free plan.


The swiss knife for keyword suggestions. offers keyword suggestions for Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing and App Store. With regard to YouTube suggestions, refers to  YouTube Auto-Complete data only. The free version includes:

  • keywords (limited number)
  • Filter by language and country
  • questions that include the keyword's questions feature is a good way to get long-tail keywords.

youtube keyword tool io

However, the Google search volume of a specific keyword and the keyword competition is only visible with a paid subscription. If you want to include the keywords in your video you can export them as a CSV or XLS file and afterward copy-paste them to YouTube.

3. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a very powerful  YouTube channel management suite. One of its use cases is keyword research for videos. TubeBuddy calls it Tag Explorer and Suggested Tags. TubeBuddy works as a browser plugin. The free version includes:

  • 3 most popular YouTube keywords of top-ranking videos
  • 5 keywords suggestions to get better found on the Internet
  • 5 keywords suggestions to get more suggestions
  • red-green color scale for search volume and level of competition
  • direct adding of keywords
youtube keyword tool tubebuddy

TubeBuddy's keyword suggestions for are based on (1.) the views received from a specific search term in YouTube, (2.) tags used by similar top ranking videos and (3.) words or phrases used in this video's title and description (first 200 characters). TubeBuddy's YouTube keyword suggestions for 'Recommended Videos' are based on (1.) the views received from this search term in YouTube, (2.) the tags used by videos related to this one and (3.) the words used in your channel's title.

4. VidIQ's YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative

VidIQ's browser plugin provides a helpful SEO checklist directly in the YouTube interface. Apart from this checklist VidIQ enriches the video title, description, and tag interface.

youtube keyword tool vidiq

By the time this review was made the quality of keywords appeared to be rather weak. The terms are very generic. The data source might be Google AdWords. Besides VidIQ recommends keywords of related videos - I assume if many people follow these suggestions YouTube wouldn't really appreciate this. Other languages apart from English aren't really supported: when language is set to German the tags suggested are in English.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

Another YouTube Keyword alternative that's sometimes mentioned is the "Keyword Tool Dominator".  The software offers a free version for finding long-tail YouTube keywords. The service is limited to 3 search requests per day. When you reach the quota of 3 you either have to wait for 24 hours or sign up to Dominator's premium service.Keyword Tool Dominator's free version includes:

  • 3 search requests per day
  • unlimited results
  • CSV export

The data is solely based on YouTube Autocomplete.

6. Rapidtags

Rapidtags youtube keyword tool

Rapidtags allows you to copy and save tags and features. It also comes with a tag analyzer and ranker. The ads are a little bit disturbing.

7. TagsYouTube

TagsYouTube - Get Youtube Video Tags Easily - Tags Generator - Edited

TagsYouTube free version gives you a "One click" COPY button to copy all the tags you've selected. This platform also features ads. The page also offers

  • a Thumbnail Generator and
  • a Title Generator

YouTube Keyword Tool Alternatives without a Free version

Apart from the above listed YouTube tag tools, there are also some platforms in the market that only offer paid versions e.g.


If you want to boost your YouTube SEO and find the perfect keyword/tags for your YouTube videos, there are several great ways to do that without having to use the now-defunct YouTube keyword tool. However, most of the manual keyword/tag finding options are extremely labor intensive. Therefore, your best bet for finding the best keywords is to use an alternative YouTube keyword tool that does more to help you than just finding the best keywords. Consider looking for a YouTube keyword tool that will not only analyze your YouTube videos but one that will also show you your YouTube ranking factors, give you your keyword rankings, provide you with an action plan, as well as a YouTube tag generator and professional thumbnails. Anything less is just a waste of your time—and money!

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