American Football Teams on YouTube

Football is one of the most followed sports in America and attracts an audience worldwide. For teams being able to amass a large fan base is pivotal for generating ticket and merchandising sales. Putting out content that is entertaining will help grow your fan base and draw in larger audiences to your games.


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American Football Teams on YouTube 

NFL teams have a great opportunity to utilize YouTubes platform of over a billion users to let fans in on an inside look into their teams' players and how the team is run. YouTube is a great way to have fans get to know its team's players on a more personal level and make them more attached to the team, so they carry more team pride. Showcasing the team and its culture through YouTube in a creative and entertaining way can propel your team to becoming one of the most liked teams in the NFL. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and reaching your intended audience when uploading content can be a lot harder than anticipated. Adopting a data driven approach to your content is a pivotal step in ensuring that you optimize outreach to your intended audience. Tubics is tailored into helping to do just that by having the number one search engine optimization tool on YouTube. 

YouTube Marketing by American Football Teams 

Fans want to see the players of the team on a more personal level and grow an attachment toward the team outside of the game. YouTube gives NFL teams the opportunity to give an inside look at some of the players' personalities and see what goes on in the locker room, at practice and all around the facilities. Being consistent with your uploads and giving fans something to look forward to every week is a fantastic way to grow your team's likability and presence around the sports world. 

Trends in YouTube Marketing for American Football Teams 

One of the teams that absolutely dominates in the NFL when it comes to their media content on YouTube is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings had a player on their team who created a segment called 96 questions where he asked questions to teammates in the locker room about random questions. This segment was something for fans to look forward to and really put a full display of some of the players personalities and turned it into a viral segment that generated millions of views. Other teams around the NFL upload videos of their player press conferences, inside look on locker room celebrations and Mic’d up players

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