Armies on YouTube

Recruitment is the sole source of what makes some of the best armies, so spreading awareness to your whole country's population is vital so that you can achieve the best recruitment. YouTube allows armies to convey the benefits of joining while also spreading their goals and mission.


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Armies on YouTube

YouTube has quickly risen to be one of the most predominant forces in media due to its ability to reach over a billion people across the globe. Showcasing the work your army is doing and the benefits that it provides can allow for a huge burst in recruitment numbers thus creating a stronger army. For a successful YouTube channel to be created it is pivotal that you consistently produce quality content. Consistently producing educational and entertaining videos will help you optimize the view time that your videos receive. However this is easier said than done as navigating through YouTube's massive user base to reach your intended demographic can be like finding a needle in the haystack. That's why Tubics is here to help you optimize your reach to your intended audiences and give you insight on the best video length, structure and cut rates to ensure more views and higher watch times.

YouTube Marketing for Armies

YouTube gives armies the opportinity to showcase the hard work and sacrifice that is given by soldiers and relay their stories to the world about what it means for them to be soldiers and why they join and keep fighting. Through other people's personal stories and experiences you can reach people on a deeper level and build the sense of pride that is given in being a soldier. This platform not only gives a whole nother dimension to recruitment but it is a chance to show the country who their heroes are and elevate their patriotism. Many armies also use the platform to produce entertaining and educational content like survival tactics used by their armies and some of the training courses that they go through. These forms of entertaining videos help drive people to return to your videos more and more and eventually subscribe.

Trends in YouTube Marketing for Armies

There have been quite a few armies that have already taken to the YouTube platform to display their experiences, goals and values. The U.S. Army is the most predominant channel on YouTube with almost 700k subscribers and hundreds of videos. The U.S. army takes this platform to give a more personal look into their troops by tributing their medal of honor recipients and having videos of soldiers explaining why they joined. The British Army has also made their presence on YouTube amassing over 150k subscribers. Their videos are a little different than those of the U.S. as they show some common survival tactics that may come in handy for their soldiers to know. All these successful channels find a good mix of educational, remberenece, and recruitment videos to best showcase what their military accomplishes.

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