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Potential customers want to be able to visualize what their stay at your resort will look like and YouTube gives you the resources to show them just that and more. YouTube is a massive opportunity for your company to grow brand awareness and loyalty through their free to use platform that gives access to over a billion users. Hotels and Resorts all through the industry have taken to YouTube to revolutionize their marketing and grow their business.


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Hotels and Resorts on YouTube

YouTube gives hotels and resorts the opportunity to display the many different amenities and experiences that their stay has to offer. This gives these places the chance to market their stays and entice people into why their hotel or resort is the best. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world it gives you the platform to be able to market your product to completely uncharted audiences. Creating a YouTube channel can completely revolutionize your company if the right measures are taken and the channel is taken seriously. It is a long-term process to grow a channel but the returns prove to be exponential when executed correctly. With being the second largest search engine honing in on your target demographic can be tough. Lucky you don't have to tackle this problem alone as Tubics is here to help you with that! Tubics has the number one search engine optimization tool on YouTube and it can allow you to be smart with creating content and make sure that you are optimizing your reach, views and watch time to ensure sustainable growth for your channel. 

YouTube Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

The platform definitely offers the chance to display the beautiful resort or hotel that you offer and amenities that go along with it, giving the viewers a taste of what they can expect when they arrive. YouTube can even give your company the chance to create entertaining videos that show a little personality behind the brand. However, youTube isn't just an entertainment source, or a place to market products but it’s a chance to unite people together to tackle a common fight. This platform gives your company the power to spread awareness of the global issues that your company stands behind and is dedicated to fighting. Adopting a YouTube channel has the power to bring a new meaning to your brand and build a whole new community of loyal supporters that rally behind what your company stands for and provides. 

Trends in YouTube Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

There have been many in the hotel and resorts industry that have taken it to YouTube to market their stays. One of the best to do it is Sandals Resorts who posts videos that showcase everything you need to know about their resorts. The videos' sandals posts range from food and drink recipes from the resort all the way to their companies standards and policies that they follow to give you the best experience. Another company in the industry that does a good job is Hilton. Hilton has also posted videos on recipes of the food and drinks they have as well as some packing tips and tricks to help you be best prepared for your stay.

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