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When making the biggest purchase of one's life, having a sense of trust and security is a necessity when choosing what market place to buy a home through. With online real estate being a relatively new industry that is pillared on online sales, being able to convey a sense of personalization in your marketing is a huge advantage for your company to have. YouTube is a perfect media source to market your products through and reach consumers on a more personal level.

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eBay Kleinanzeigen – WG
Views (Sep '22)

Channel Name: eBay Kleinanzeigen – WG

Country: Germany

Subscribers: 546000

Views: 1.3

Content Score: 96

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Scout24 SE
Views (Sep '22)

Channel Name: ImmoScout24

Country: Germany

Subscribers: 15100

Views: 0.62

Content Score: 54

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Real Estate Market Places on YouTube

With real estate marketplaces conducting their business online, being able to diversify your business through many online media faucets allows your company to have an extreme leg up on the competition. With YouTube having over one billion users it offers a phenomenal opportunity to build brand awareness and loyalty, and it's completely free! Marketing your product through a platform like YouTube can transcend your marketing strategy and expand your company's consumer base. With the number of users on YouTube it is imperative to make sure you optimize your outreach to your intended audiences in order to rise above the competition. With Tubics being YouTubes top Search Engine Optimization tool, we can help light the spark to your companies YouTube channel and revolutionize your marketing strategies.

YouTube Marketing by Real Estate Market Places

Many online real estate companies have already begun growing their YouTube channels to better market their products and services. Being a predominantly online industry, diversifying your marketing platforms is imperative to your company's success, and that is why many have turned to YouTube. YouTube gives access to over a billion potential viewers and can be way more effective of a marketing tool than a company website could ever be. Giving your potential customers something entertaining to both visualize and listen to is a powerful way to get a message across, and YouTube allows you to do so. It is important to be consistent in your videos as growing a loyal subscriber base is pivotal to giving your YouTube channel a spark to grow. Building a channel is a long-term process that grows exponentially over time and has the chance to pay serious dividends in the long run.  

Trends in YouTube Marketing for Real Estate Marketing Places

Many online real estate companies have taken advantage of the platform that YouTube offers to help consumers get a better idea of what their company is all about. One company that is already doing so would be Opendoor Technologies, who uses their channel to show customers talk about their buying experience which transforms typical written reviews into a more personal and impactful message.  Other companies like Zillow gear some of their content to focus more on an entertainment aspect through tiny home tours in the hope of increasing their brand recognition and growing a loyal subscriber base.

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