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Video Marketing Strategy With See-Think-Do-Care Framework (STDC)

The See-Think-Do-Care model is a practical and empowering tool that helps you assess how to communicate with your target customer in this digital culture. The framework is designed specifically for digital channels so your marketing can be focused, specific, and effective at reaching your Largest Addressable Qualified Audience (LAQA).

See-Think-Do-Care Framework (STDC)

By engaging with your audience through their behavior, the See-Think-Do-Care Framework (STDC) model helps you create content aligning with your target customers’ intent. The funnel also qualifies customers by meeting and motivating their purchase desire through each intent cluster stage.The framework is excellent support for your YouTube content planning. It enables you to stay on track, think from your customer’s perspective, and not overcomplicate your video content marketing strategy.Following this funnel when creating video content will enable your business to cultivate relationships with your target audiences, enhance their motivation to buy, and nurture loyal customers for your brand.

See-Think-Do-Care Framework: SEE

At this stage your potential customers need you, but they don’t know about you yet.

STCD. See stage

Your goal is to make it easy for your target audience to see your brand, know your products, and learn about its benefits. Creating videos that address their needs and provide useful information is the key to extend your brand reach in this stage.Most companies tend to focus their marketing efforts on the See stage content and miss out on the benefits of the Think and Do stage.

Examples of the SEE stage include:

Beginner tutorials, videos on the general topics relating to your industry that are brief, useful, or entertaining.

See-Think-Do-Care Framework: THINK

From the See stage, a subset of your audience will continue to think about your business offerings but have not yet decided to purchase from you. Combined with strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO), YouTube is a powerful tool for the Think stage videos.

STCD. Think stage

Claim the territory by producing high-quality product education videos that engage and entertain your viewers.Prioritize the Think stage by allocating budget and spending to build trusting relationships and keep your audience coming back for more.

Examples of the THINK stage include:

Product education, how-to videos, step-by-step guides invite participation from your viewers, capture their attention, and become a part of their lifestyles.

See-Think-Do-Care Framework: DO

While the Think and Do stage contents are often overlooked by brands, providing insightful videos from the Think stage, you drive the Do intent for your target customers.

STCD. Do stage

Viewers are now ready to buy your product or service as they trust you have the best solution for their problems.Creating resourceful content with clear end screen or description call-to-actions (CTA) helps guide viewers to your product page after the viewing.

Examples of the DO stage include:

Testimonial videos, reviews of other customers, or content that provide transactional information to reinforce purchase decision makings.

See-Think-Do-Care Framework: CARE

Many companies disregard the Care stage in their content marketing, but who are better promoters of you than your already loyal customers?

STCD. Care stage

You want to care about the customers who care about your brand and turn satisfied customers into loyal regulars.Providing videos for the Care stage is a brilliant retention strategy to offer more value to your repeat customers, address their product/purchase-related questions, keep them informed about new products, and curious for your next steps.

Examples of the CARE stage include:

FAQ videos, more product education, and even product launch videos to keep your fans re-engaged.


The See-Think-Do-Care framework consists of the following stages:

  1. See: the largest possible audience that you can reach
  2. Think: people thinking about buying a product like yours
  3. Do: people ready to or in process of purchasing from you
  4. Care: repeat customers with two or more transactions with your brand

Do you use the STDC framework in your video marketing? Let me know in the comments down below. 👇🏼If you want to learn more about video marketing strategy, make sure to download our free YouTube marketing guide for business.

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