YouTube Community Tab ▷The Ultimate Guide

What is the YouTube community tab? How to enable it? What are community posts, and how to create them? You will find answers in this blog post. 👇🏼

How to enable the YouTube community tab?

To get access to the YouTube Community Tab, you need 1000 subscribers. After reaching the threshold, it usually takes one or two weeks for the community tab to appear on your YouTube channel.

What can you post in the YouTube community tab?

With the Community Tab, you can create community posts with text, images, animated gifs, polls, or links to other videos on YouTube. Subscribers can see community posts in their subscription feed.

YouTube community posts

How to create a YouTube community post?

To create a YouTube Community post on your computer or smartphone, go to your YouTube channel, and find the tab "Community.”

YouTube community tab

Then you can create a post and add either a poll, an image, or a video to it. If you want to greet fans or other creators, you can use mentions by writing an @ symbol and the channel’s name.When you're done, click on "Post.” You can also plan your community post for a specific date.

How to create a community post

If you have channel memberships, you can create posts only for members of a specific level.

How to use the YouTube Community Tab most effectively?

Different types of posts work better than others. Posts, for example, are usually the best, with the most interaction followed by gifs, followed by images, followed by just plain text.Posts and videos usually get the least interaction.If you have no idea what to use the Community tab for, here are some suggestions. Use them for:

  • announcements
  • behind-the-scenes material
  • ask your audience for suggestions
  • do audience research, find what viewers like
  • share personal images and more about your personal life than in the videos
  • create a poll that is published a couple of hours before a video.

How to understand which community post works best?

To analyze the performance of your post, go into your "YouTube Analytics," click on "Engagement," and scroll a little down to see your top posts. Here you can see the impressions and the likes for your posts.What worked? What didn't? What can you learn from past posts for your future posts?An important thing is not to forget to use the community post regularly. As YouTube is a video platform, we are all naturally focused on creating videos, and therefore we can forget to use the community posts rather quickly.So try to make sure to include them in your editorial calendar to not forget about creating community posts.Do you use the community tab to interact with your audience? Let me know in the comments below. 👇🏼If you want to learn more about video marketing strategy, make sure to download our free YouTube marketing guide for business.

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