Cosnova (Catrice & Essence)

Learn how cosmetics brand increased audience retention by 123%.

Customer Profile

Cosnova is a cosmetics company based in Germany. It's known for creating and distributing a variety of makeup and beauty products. The company owns and operates several popular beauty brands, with the most well-known being "essence" and "CATRICE." These brands offer a wide range of affordable and trendy cosmetics that are popular among consumers, especially younger demographics.
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The most significant hurdle revolved around tailoring communication to diverse audiences spread across four YouTube channels. With two different brands catering to both global and German viewers, the contrast between their preferences was striking.

The brand "Essence" further presented a dynamic challenge by being a decade-old channel, it required a delicate touch to keep it aligned with contemporary tastes, demanding a continuous process of adaptation and audience testing.

Key Results

Utilizing the tubics software played a pivotal role in achieving exceptional results on the Catrice channel. Lidia's approach involved thorough research in tubics for topic selection and leveraging the ideation tool alongside insightful projected views that validated her content direction. Furthermore, a workshop prepared by the tubics YouTube consultants helped to learn a lot of things about attention span and the way users consume videos nowadays, which improved Lidia's retention on brand videos.


Audience retention (50% target)


Views on one video within 48 hours


Organic views via Google
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