Discover how a global manufacturer increased organic views and watch time on YouTube.

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Gates Corporation is a global manufacturer of power transmission belts and fluid power products. They specialize in designing and manufacturing various products, including belts, hoses, and hydraulic equipment, used in automotive, industrial, and other applications.
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Before tubics entered the picture, Gates' brand and channel on YouTube were struggling to find their groove in the market they aimed for. The rankings were far from impressive, and figuring out the YouTube game, deciphering which metrics mattered, and nailing down video optimization essentials was quite a puzzle.

Key Results

According to Joris, one major game-changer was the tubics' expert guidance, walking the team through every decision and action with a clear understanding. tubics insights about tags, video simplification, sharing links, how the system works, and YouTube's reaction to that. All of that - based on Gates' products and market position.


Organic watch time via YouTube Search


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Organic views via YouTube Search


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