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Learn how electronics company Samsung grew organic video traffic by 20x in 3 months.

Customer Profile

Samsung Electronics is a global technology company known for its diverse range of consumer electronics, appliances, and technological innovations. As one of the world's leading electronics manufacturers, Samsung offers an extensive portfolio of products and services. This includes cutting-edge smartphones like the Galaxy series, televisions, home appliances, tablets, laptops, and much more.
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Samsung aimed to get more views on their videos by optimizing them for search without the use of any paid media.The goal was to organically reach target audiences through both YouTube and Google and to increase watch time with their videos.

Key Results

*within first 3 months

Samsung analyzed their YouTube channel with the help of the tubics software and identified 20 videos with high potential for initial optimization. Within the first three months of the project, video metadata of the respective content was successfully optimized with tubics. The development and growth were measured, tracked, and analyzed in the tubics dashboard weekly. The set of videos got improved regarding video title, description, tags, subtitles, and thumbnails.


Organic views via Google search


Samsung keywords rank #1 on YouTube


Organic watch time via Google
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