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This review is for the YouTube channel of Mercedes-Benz Vans, LLC (MBV). The company introduces its operations and activities. MBV has made a significant investment in their North Charleston facility, opening both an expanded assembly plant and Sprinter production facility in 2018, creating over 1,300 jobs as this decade passed and with more than 600 additional positions projected to be sourced through partnering. The YouTube channel also features videos about MBV's community investments, family science nights, turtle release events, and career fairs showcasing the company's support of local initiatives while highlighting what it means for Mercedes-Benz Vans to give back to its communities. The content on this channel also provides insight into MBV's maintenance processes and offers a unique perspective in presenting an inside look at the daily operations of the organization. While some may agree that these videos focus primarily on corporate statements and events, they provide a distinct viewpoint by showing what it is like to work day-to-day with Mercedes-Benz Vans. Overall, this YouTube channel provides an in-depth look into the company's community involvement, organizational processes, and offers easy accessibility for those simply curious or interested in learning more about MBV.

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