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This channel, CoComelon MyGo!, is a great resource for young children learning sign language. Using popular characters from the well-loved "CoComelon" kids' show to teach ASL in fun and engaging ways. From nursery rhymes like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "The Wheels on the Bus," to educational songs teaching healthy habits, emotions, and social skills, this channel offers high-quality entertainment for all kids. CoComelon MyGo! differentiates itself from other ASL learning resources by adhering to the principle of providing quality entertainment for every child. The videos are well produced, with fun screen setups that keep young viewers engaged and showing lovable puppets. Each song is a clear demonstration of an ASL expression, making it easy for both children and parents watching along to understand and engage in the content within each video. Overall, CoComelon MyGo! is a useful resource that teaches sign language in fun and exciting ways for all kids who want to learn it. While some people may not be interested or intend on mastering ASL anytime soon, CoComelon MyGo! should still be tried by anyone wanting to learn ASL because of the popularity of its characters from "CoComelon." By subscribing to CoComelon MyGo!, everyone is given an opportunity to have some fun with sign language using these popular characters.

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