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Osmo Germany is a fantastic channel that offers fun and engaging iPad games designed to test kids' diverse abilities. The content provider does an excellent job of showcasing various types of games, including Osmo Stories, Newton, ABCs, Coding Jam, Pizza Co., Little Genius Starter Kit, among others. They also do a great job at making their viewers feel engaged and entertained by using the way they interact with kids in several videos to make them relatable. The format of the channel is consistent, based on a well-structured schedule that offers new content every Wednesday. The titles of games give information while also leading users into curiosity and conversation. If reviews of Osmo Germany products are from parents, it adds credibility for their brand. Osmo Germany has something to offer everyone who wants to be a programmer or engage in artistic work, bake ice cream? Who doesn't want to do that! Children between the ages 4-12 don't always have time on their hands, but with Osmo Germany offering fun and useful things to discover, nobody will waste their time on this offer!

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