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Henry Schein, Inc. is a company that offers services to healthcare professionals with an extensive network of skills and personnel. Its YouTube channel provides various videos effectively delivering information on public health and safety. The Henry Schein's YouTube channel features well-made videos where the visuals as well as the narration make use of a back-to-basic approach to convey information, which is evident from their video content that covers diverse topics such as subjects related to them, including public health, supply chain management, employee introductions, corporate social responsibility implementation, and many more. The channel also shares videos on Back-To-School programs by Henry Schein, year-end donations, initiatives for veterans' support amongst others. One notable aspect of the Henry Schein YouTube channel is that it highlights health equity and access to care in addition to providing solutions to current issues such as COVID-19 and other problems. The channel also features interviews with key personalities, like Dr. Andrew Huxford who did research on COVID-19 diagnostics - an example of this is the segment that presents a solution for handling more sophisticated critical healthcare concerns. These segments present current challenges posed by COVID-19 and offer solutions to addressing these issues in greater depth. Henry Schein's YouTube channel proves useful for nonprofits, those interested or working in the field of public health and industry as well as anyone who is fascinated by the subject matter. The Henry Schein YouTube channel offers some of the most significant and helpful videos on a range of topics with clear visuals and narration to deliver information effectively. Henry Schein's YouTube Channel caters to those interested in these subjects, offering an extensive network of skills and personnel that makes it one of the most relevant resources available today.

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