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The Dansac channel is a unique and educational platform that focuses on the lives of individuals with colostomy, providing informative content about medical devices. The vast number of videos from Dansac show realistic stories and experiences of people from different cultures and languages, which strongly inspires viewers. Dansac has recreated events demonstrating difficulties and achievements faced in everyday life by individuals holding stoma with a powerful yet amusing story. From surfing to the first time achieving something at the pool, Dansac highlights clients' recovery back into their daily lives using TRE Soft Convex products. Dansac continues to showcase stories of people who have had positive impact or success experiences with holding stoma in product demonstrations and educational panels, while also celebrating world ostomy day. Dansac is aware that stoma care affects all members of society around the globe and therefore shares their story globally using many languages so everyone can understand each other's experience about stoma. Dansac delivers videos with strong emotions and empathy, providing innovation efforts and solutions for stoma care in a professional manner that continues to inspire viewers. The channel offers educational content and stories on stoma care useful and inspirational for all ostomy patients and healthcare professionals alike. It serves as an empowering source of quotes that stimulates, motivates, and provokes thoughtfulness among the audience.

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