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The MooseTube Squad is the go-to for kids who love Shopkins and Magic Mixies, as it's an official YouTube channel from Moose Toys. The platform offers a great range of fun videos featuring action-packed adventures starring Shopkins and Magic Mixies, along with bumper packs and compilations that are sure to keep kids entertained for hours on end. With colorful visuals, memorable music, and storylines that capture a child's imagination, MooseTube is able to engage young viewers and maximize their enjoyment of the content. In its videos, MooseTube seamlessly combines animation with live action sequences in a way that draws children into the scenes and keeps them hooked for hours on end. While the footage may be quite rough at times, parents should watch along with young children when viewing MooseTube content. In summary, if your child loves Shopkins or you're looking forward to introducing Magic Mixies to them, then MooseTube is definitely worth checking out!

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