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Case Study: 6 Reasons Why Adidas Runtastic Is Great At YouTube SEO

It’s always inspiring to learn from the best in the business of marketing. In the case of YouTube SEO, Adidas Runtastic serves as a vivid example of how consistent implementation of basic video SEO practices can boost organic video views.

Without actively promoting its products, Adidas Runtastic’s YouTube channel conveys its core values by creating useful video content.They meet the needs of their target consumers, providing a variety of workouts according to the demand of YouTube search, such as “Beginner HIIT Workout” and “7-Minute Core & Low Back Strengthening Workout”.But why is Adidas Runtastic so exceptionally great in terms of YouTube SEO? I'll explain in this article. If you want to learn more about YouTube SEO, check our ultimate guide here.

Adidas Runtastic: YouTube SEO Best Practices

Let’s start with an overview of an exemplary channel setup. Have a look at a screenshot of Adidas Runtastic’s YouTube page.

adidas runastic homepage

With a clear brand logo and a matching banner, the YouTube channel of the famous sports brand is welcoming, consistent, and well thought out.Here are 6 reasons why Adidas Runtastic serves as a great example for YouTube SEO best practices:

1. Searchable and user-centric playlists

YouTube playlists organize the channel and encourage viewers to watch more of their content. They also show up individually in search results.Adidas Runtastic's playlists have keywords to ensure the content is more discoverable.


2. Customized thumbnails

Clear images and inviting facial expressions are consistent in Adidas Runtastic's custom thumbnails. These high-quality images relay their videos’ content with concise and easy-to-read texts while compelling viewers to click and watch.

3. Frequent uploads

Channel videos are should be published consistently on a regular schedule. Adidas Runtastic uploads various workout videos two to three times a month to keep its audience engaged.


4. Keywords in the title and description

Adidas Runtastic repeatedly uses keywords such as “lower body workout” in the title, the first three lines of the video summary, and the expanded description. This practice of SEO emphasizes the keywords for the search engines.

5. Consistent descriptions

Here’s a great example of a standard video description that provides links to Adidas Runtastic’s Blog and social media sites. Company info and website links that are consistently used in videos enable them to be suggested more frequently by YouTube Algorithms.

6. End screen CTAs

As part of each video, there is an end screen with CTAs to the Adidas training app or its other videos and encourages viewers to take the desired action. These CTAs are evenly spaced to provide clear choices for viewers.


Here is a quick summary of Adidas Runastic best YouTube SEO practices:

  • Searchable and user-centric playlists
  • Customized thumbnails
  • Frequent uploads
  • Keywords in the title and description
  • Consistent descriptions
  • End screen CTAs

Do you optimize your video for search? Let me know in the comments down below. 👇🏼If you want to learn more about video marketing strategy, make sure to download our free YouTube marketing guide for business.

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