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3 Distribution Channels To Promote YouTube Videos

You’ve now created high-quality videos which will engage your audiences. Now, you want everyone to find them. Besides the video optimization you’ve done to rank highly in YouTube and Google keywords search, where else can you leverage your content to gain more visibility? Learn here 👉🏻
Anna Martynova

Organic vs Paid Video Traffic: How to get the best of both worlds!

Quick results at the lowest possible price. This is what many companies strive for - in particular when it comes to their YouTube views. Investing in paid advertising appears to be the common way to go, sometimes totally neglecting the organic side of YouTube traffic. But why? Is paid traffic better compared to...
Florian Zweimüller

Video Marketing Strategy With See-Think-Do-Care Framework (STDC)

The See-Think-Do-Care model is a practical and empowering tool that helps you assess how to communicate with your target customer in this digital culture. The framework is designed specifically for digital channels so your marketing can be focused, specific, and effective at reaching your Largest Addressable Qualified Audience (LAQA).
Anna Martynova

10 YouTube Mistakes Most Companies Make

YouTube channels of well-known companies can appear like a video content graveyard - disorganised, under-utilised, and even embarrassing - filled with content that they wouldn’t even consider sharing on other platforms. Why is this happening, and what are the key mistakes companies are making on YouTube?
Matthias Funk

How to Title YouTube Videos

Your title is (by far) your video's most important piece of metadata. That's why, when it comes to video SEO, including your keyword in your video title is an absolute must. Also, make sure not to change the keyword. It's best to use the exact, word-for-word term.
Anna Martynova
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