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How many YouTube channels are there?

You already know how big YouTube is. But have you ever thought about how many YouTube channels there actually are? How Many YouTube Channels Are There? As of 2018, there are more than 23 million YouTube channels out there. This number is based on data provided by Social Blade. However, people all around the world are signing...
Matthias Funk

How to Promote YouTube Videos in 19 Easy Steps have a YouTube channel and you've created your first YouTube video. Now you want to know how to promote your YouTube videos to receive more traffic? You have to spend some time actively promoting your channel and videos — the right way, if you want them to be effective. But exactly how...
Karin Schmid

The YouTube Myth About Being the 2nd Biggest Search Engine

You have probably heard that the YouTube search engine is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Besides, YouTube is owned by Google; therefore, it makes sense. So no one really questions whether that is actually true or not... right? you really think the YouTube search engine is the 2nd largest...
Matthias Funk

How To Write YouTube Video Descriptions to Boost Traffic?

Did you know the description of your YouTube video is just as important as the video itself? It is...but do you know why? Because the YouTube description is the best way to control the searchability of your video and boost your video's (and channel) SEO and YouTube rankings. How well you craft and...
Matthias Funk

What Are YouTube Hashtags And How to Use Them to Get More Views?

Hashtags have been used since 2007 but have been becoming more of a way to improve your visibility and SEO in the past few years. Additionally, YouTube has recently added an update to how they display hashtags and this update could help take your videos to a whole new level. That means using YouTube hashtags...
Matthias Funk

What Is a Thumbnail and How to Make Thumbnails for YouTube?

A YouTube thumbnail is one important factor to make your content stand out! A thumbnail is a reduced size version of an image. This thumbnail is the first thing a person will see when they are browsing and trying to decide which content will give them the best solution or answer to whatever...
Matthias Funk
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