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What Do Impressions Mean on YouTube?

Views, watch time, impressions… YouTube Analytics has dozens of metrics that help to understand your channel performance. In this blog post, we discuss impressions and why they are important on YouTube.

Video Marketing In Luxury Industry: Huber Watches

What is it like to do video marketing in the luxury watches industry? To find out, we talked with Manuel Müller, the CEO of Huber - a retailer of luxury watches.

How to Rank on Google and Get More YouTube Views

Last year our channel got over 170000 views from Google alone. And this wasn't luck. We optimize our videos to rank on Google using video SEO. What exactly did we do to achieve it? Let's look at it in this blog post.

Why You Need to Produce Data-Driven Videos and How to Optimize Your Video Marketing Tech Stack

We analyzed thousands of public YouTube data and the result is clear: Successful brands tend to publish videos more frequently and focus on long-form content. If you want to emulate this approach, you need to upgrade your tech stack.

What is the Ideal Length of Videos on YouTube? Here are New Data-Based Answers

Short and sweet or long and comprehensive: What kind of videos tend to get you better rankings on YouTube and more views? We wanted to know and analyzed thousands of public YouTube data. We may not have found the golden formula but based on our research can share some clear hints which video length can help you maximize views on YouTube.

Ads vs. Useful Content: How to Best Manage Your YouTube Spendings

With inflation at historic levels and war raging in Europe, the economic climate has changed dramatically in recent months. Budgets are getting tighter, also in marketing departments. But where to cut costs or double down on effort? Are YouTube ads worth the investment or are more in-depth videos the way to go? We broke down some research and shared recommendations based on our experience.